Nuna Parr

We are delighted to offer a spectacular sculpture carved by Nuna Parr in 1973.

Nuna Parr is a multimedia artist based out of Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU. His parents’ artistic abilities brought them to the Kinngait co-op where they were regularly part of print and graphic collections [1]. Parr began carving at a young age as a way to earn extra income and had an affinity for wildlife, rendering them in soapstone [2]. He began carving on a smaller scale during recess while still at school, it is not until he was older that he began carving on a larger scale. Parr’s work depicts animals in fanciful and human-like poses, graceful in their movement, in juxtaposition to the solid pieces of local stone that he uses. Parr is a skilled hunter on the land, and his careful observation of arctic wildlife serves him well in his art practice with his realistic rendering of animals.

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